25 Reasons to Call Us

Below is a list of reasons why you might have a viable claim our firm can litigate for you. If one of these things happened to you, contact our law firm to learn more about your legal options. We can explain the types of remedies (e.g. injunctions, restraining orders, disgorgement, domain name transfers, monetary compensation) or damages (e.g. nominal, specific, actual, punitive) to which you might be entitled. We can also help you estimate the attorneys’ fees and costs you will likely incur if you decide to take legal action.

  1. A deceptive business competitor, vengeful former employee, or dishonest customer published false and defamatory statements about you or your business on the Internet.
  2. A business promised in writing to keep private information about you confidential and then negligently or intentionally disclosed that information without your permission.
  3. An employer or prospective employer threatened to fire you if you did not have sex with him or her or promised to hire you if you had sex with him or her.
  4. Someone intentionally made false allegations that you committed a heinous crime you did not commit, such as child abuse, rape, or murder.
  5. Someone falsely accused you of engaging in unprofessional or unethical conduct on the job, such as corporate espionage, fraud, or theft.
  6. Someone falsely accused you of sexual harassment, adultery, or gross sexual misconduct.
  7. Someone threatened to defame you or your business unless you pay them money or give them something else of value.
  8. Someone publicly disclosed embarrassing private information about your sex life, medical history, medical conditions, medical records, medications, or psychological treatment records.
  9. Someone intentionally lied to or deceived your employer or business partner to get you fired or harm your career.
  10. Someone intentionally lied to or deceived your clients or prospective clients to defame you or your business and decrease your income or business’s profits.
  11. A former employee or independent contractor violated a confidentiality provision, non-compete provision, or non-disclosure provision in a contract you both signed.
  12. Someone used your picture, name, or likeness and pretended to be you on a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter.
  13. A business competitor or former employee broke into your business office and stole your business’s or your clients’ private or confidential information.
  14. Someone hacked your webcam and watched you or your loved ones in your home.
  15. Someone hacked into your personal computer and illegally accessed your private information or photos.
  16. Someone accessed your email account, smartphone, or computer without your permission.
  17. Someone listened to or recorded a private conversation between you and another person without obtaining permission from you or the other person.
  18. Someone took photographs of you or video recorded you without your knowledge while you were nude or engaging in sexual activity.
  19. Someone made money or gained something else of value by publishing or using your name, image, or likeness without your permission.
  20. Someone accessed your private medical records, private financial records, or private bank records without your permission or a court order.
  21. A telemarketing business repeatedly called you or texted you using a phone number that you registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.
  22. Someone physically or sexually assaulted or battered you without your consent or provocation.
  23. Someone published or threatened to publish indecent or nude pictures of you online to harass or extort you.
  24. Someone broke into your home or trespassed onto your property.
  25. A former employee or a competitor stole your business’s client list, records, custom forms, software, recipes, product formulas, designs, or manufacturing processes and used them to earn profits.