Arizona’s Defamation Jury Instructions

Arizona’s Civil Jury Instructions are part of the Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (RAJI). They can be valuable resources for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. In 2013, Arizona approved its first set of jury instructions for defamation lawsuits. The State Bar of Arizona publishes these instructions online, making them available to the public for free. You may click here to download them. Reading these instructions is a good way to learn about Arizona defamation law fundamentals. They provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that Arizona’s Defamation Jury Instructions Can Help Answer

How does Arizona define the word defamatory for defamation claims? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 2.

How does Arizona define the word truth for the truth defense to defamation claims? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 3.

What do you have to prove in Arizona to prove a defamation claim? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 1A and 1B.

What is the difference between an Arizona actual malice defamation claim and an Arizona negligent defamation claim? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 1A, 1B, 4A and 4B.

Can people who publish defamatory statements be held liable for the additional damage caused when the statements are repeated by others? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 5.

What kind of damages do Arizona’s courts generally allow victims of defamation to recover? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 7.

Do Arizona defamation victims have to prove economic damages to win their defamation lawsuits? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 8.

Can Arizona defamation victims be awarded punitive damages? See RAJI (Civil) 5th Defamation 9.

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