Do Colorado Attorneys Have an Absolute Privilege to Defame Litigants via the Internet?

  Colorado attorneys who have been sued for defamatory statements they published via the Internet about adverse parties in active or pending litigation should not expect to be able to successfully assert the absolute privilege defense. The Issue This blog … Continue reading

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Can You Sue Someone for “Camfecting”?

  What is Camfecting? “Camfecting” is hacking into and using another person’s webcam without consent. Camfecting typically occurs when a computer user unwittingly downloads a file or program that is infected with a Remote Access Trojan, or “RAT.” A RAT … Continue reading

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Catfishing in Colorado: How Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not on Facebook Can Get You Sued

  Facebook Catfishing Facebook is home to over 1.28 billion active users a month. However, not everyone on Facebook is who they claim to be. Facebook estimated that in 2013 between 5.5% and 11.2 % of the accounts on its … Continue reading

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Your Personal Computer was Hacked and Your Files were Stolen: Can You Sue?

  Arizona Computer Hacking Law It is a crime in Arizona to hack into someone’s personal computer and to access files without permission. A.R.S. § 13-2316 criminalizes “Computer Tampering.” If a person accesses your computer without authorization—i.e., “hacks” your computer—it … Continue reading

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Case Brief: Reynolds v. Reynolds (In re Estate of Reynolds), 327 P.3d 213 (Ariz. App. 2014)

Case Citation Reynolds v. Reynolds (In re Estate of Reynolds), 327 P.3d 213 (Ariz. App. 2014). Facts Respondent/Appellee wrote two online commentaries about her mother. The first commentary described Respondent/Appellee’s own reaction to her elderly mother’s diminished quality of life … Continue reading

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Soldiers Falsely Portrayed – Why Colorado Should Recognize the False Light Tort

  Colorado Put The Kibosh on the False Light Tort Unlike Arizona, Colorado does not recognize the false light invasion of privacy tort. See Denver Publ. Co. v. Bueno, 54 P.3d 893, 31 Media L. Rep. 1137 (Colo. 2002). HopkinsWay … Continue reading

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Getting Relief Under Colorado’s New Revenge Porn Laws

  What is Revenge Porn? “Revenge porn” refers to non-consensual publication of explicit images for the purpose of harassing or inflicting emotional distress on the subject of the image, or for pecuniary gain. Victims of revenge porn are those who … Continue reading

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Arizona Wiretap Law: When Can You Sue for Damages?

  Wiretapping is Illegal in Arizona In Arizona, illegal wiretapping is the unauthorized interception of a wire or electronic communication or a conversation or discussion by one who is not a party to the communication, is not present during the … Continue reading

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