Our Pro Bono Focus

HopkinsWay is committed to pro bono service. Our firm won the Colorado Supreme Court Pro Bono Achievement Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Though we average more than fifty hours of pro bono service per year per attorney, we are not able to represent most of the people who request our pro bono assistance. We focus our pro bono work on the following types of litigation.

Political Defamation at the Municipal Level

Political defamation is the publication of false and derogatory statements about politicians to members of the general public. It misleads the public, deceptively influences voters, and improperly manipulates elections or government agencies. Intentionally publishing false and derogatory statements about politicians for the purpose of influencing election results in tight races can compromise the integrity of the democratic process. Well-funded politicians who compete for statewide and federal offices generally have enough influence over major news media outlets to promptly defend themselves when others publish provably false derogatory statements about them. Municipal politicians generally do not have as much money or influence. They typically cannot defend themselves as effectively in the court of public opinion when they become the subjects of scandalous, false, and derogatory blogs, articles, or reports. If there is reliable, clear, and convincing evidence that

  1. a politician lost (or won) a close political race at the municipal level (e.g. mayors, city council members, district attorneys, school board members, treasurers);
  2. as a direct result of false and derogatory statements that someone published via a popular website, television station, or major newspaper; and
  3. the person, organization or company that published the statement either (a) knew the statement was false or (b) recklessly disregarded whether the statement was false

our firm will consider representing the person, organization, or company that was harmed on a pro bono basis.