15 Reasons to Call Us

Below are the 15 most common reasons people call us. If one of these things happened to you, contact our law firm to learn more about your legal options.

  1. Fake News and Fake Stories. A newspaper, news station, book publisher, magazine publisher, blogger, journalist, author, or reporter intentionally published fake news or a fake story about you or your business that severely harmed you, your family, or your business.
  2. You’ve Been Sued. You or your business were wrongfully sued for defamation, invasion of privacy, trade secrets theft, injurious falsehood, intentional infliction of emotional distress, computer crime, or computer fraud and you need an experienced trial attorney to defend you.
  3. Trade Libel or False Advertising. A business competitor, former employee, or former customer published false and derogatory statements about you or your business online, harming your reputation, decreasing the value of your brand, and causing you economic losses.
  4. Your Ex Hacked You and Used the Evidence in Court. Your former spouse hacked your email account, computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone or smartphone and used your private or confidential information against you in a child custody, divorce, alimony, child support, or business lawsuit or proceeding.
  5. Title IX Complaint. You are a university, college, or high school student, faculty member, or staff member whose legal rights were violated at the school and the school failed to take reasonable actions to protect you or discipline the person who harmed you.
  6. Title IX Defendant. You are a university, college, or high school student, faculty member, or staff member who was wrongfully accused of violating school rules and need an experienced Title IX lawyer to represent you during your investigation or hearings.
  7. Someone Publicized Embarrassing Secrets. Someone publicly disclosed embarrassing private information about your sex life, medical history, medical conditions, medical records, prescriptions, or psychological treatment records in a public statement, book, or Internet post.
  8. Your Conversation Was Secretly Recorded. Someone wiretapped or eavesdropped on a private conversation between you and another person without obtaining permission from you or the other person.
  9. Corporate Theft. A former employee stole your company data, files, secrets, or intellectual property to start a different business or help another business compete against you.
  10. Revenge Porn, Sextortion, or Cyberstalking. You are a victim of revenge porn, sextortion, or cyberstalking and you know who did it.
  11. Breach of Confidentiality. A doctor, dentist, lawyer, psychologist, business, or company promised to keep your private contact information, medical records, psychology records, financial records, or data confidential and then disclosed your information without your permission.
  12. Internet Extortion. Someone threatened to publish false and defamatory statements or release your private information online unless you pay them.
  13. Someone Wrongfully Profited from Your Image or Name. Someone used your picture, name, or likeness to make money and did not get your permission or authorization first.
  14. You Were Secretly Recorded Having Sex or In the Nude. Someone hacked your webcam or took photographs of you or video recorded you without your knowledge while you were nude or having sex.
  15. Lies Cost You Your Job or Career. Someone who knew they were lying made provably false statements to your employer, business partner, or customers to get you fired, cause your clients to stop doing business with you, or ruin your career.