Arizona’s New Invasion of Privacy Jury Instructions

Arizona has long recognized the invasion of privacy torts described in the Restatement (Second) of Torts (Am. Law Inst. 1977). But until last month, it had not published a set of invasion of privacy jury instructions for Arizona’s civil courts to … Continue reading

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Arizona’s False Light Invasion of Privacy Tort

  Introduction False light is an invasion of privacy cause of action that alleges a defendant publicly attributed to a plaintiff views or attributes that the plaintiff does not have in a highly offensive and false manner.[1] Elements In Arizona, a defendant is liable … Continue reading

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Why Disclosing Private Information on Facebook Can Get You Sued in Colorado

  Facebook as a Public Forum When we think of logging onto Facebook, we generally associate it with a positive experience. The social network keeps us coming back multiple times a day to catch the latest updates, and we even … Continue reading

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Catfishing in Colorado: How Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not on Facebook Can Get You Sued

  Facebook Catfishing Facebook is home to over 1.28 billion active users a month. However, not everyone on Facebook is who they claim to be. Facebook estimated that in 2013 between 5.5% and 11.2 % of the accounts on its … Continue reading

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Soldiers Falsely Portrayed – Why Colorado Should Recognize the False Light Tort

  Colorado Put The Kibosh on the False Light Tort Unlike Arizona, Colorado does not recognize the false light invasion of privacy tort. See Denver Publ. Co. v. Bueno, 54 P.3d 893, 31 Media L. Rep. 1137 (Colo. 2002). HopkinsWay … Continue reading

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